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Incorporated   -  July 1977

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	At PSI, Our vision is to provide our customers with the products and services they need to make their businesses more successful. We do this by building relationships built on trust, honesty and integrity with our customers, vendors, colleagues and competitors. We provide our customers the expertise to make the best buying decisions for their specific needs. We do this every day so that when they are truly desperate for answers or product, in their minds there is only one place to call. And when they call, whatever they require to get them out of a bind, we make it happen.

	We create this same atmosphere within our company as well. Every department and every individual is clear about their role in achieving our vision. They come to work each day with enthusiasm founded in the knowledge that their role in achieving the vision is an important one. We can rely on each other to follow through on our commitments, provide assistance to each other when needed and treat each other with mutual respect. We are personally accountable to each other and to our customers.  When disagreements arise, we are committed to work through them keeping our customer’s interests in mind – not our egos.

	We are here to provide unparalleled service to our customers and as such they will become our #1 source of advertising. PSI will be recognized as an important member of every business community we service. As a result, we will continue to grow in profitability, personal fulfillment and market share until our products can be found in nearly every household in the country.

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Blue Competition Cycles

Mr. Mike Giraud

Product Development Manager & Aerodynamics Specialist

Cycling Division


Mr. Chance Regina

Global Sales and Marketing Manager

Cycling Division

Compressed Gas Products

Mr. Jerry Blake

Director of Sales

Compressed Gas Division


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Inside Sales & Service

Call Toll Free     800.740.2606 

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